5 Dutch Days in the Fall seeks to build awareness of the continuous presence and influence of Dutch arts and culture in New York City. The program showcases Dutch talent across a wide range of styles and genres including the performing and visual arts, architecture and design, film, fashion, food, language and more. 5 Dutch Days honors old traditions and classical forms alongside new and bold expressions of Dutch art and culture today. Marketing of the 5 Dutch Days program via online and print media is intended to bring Dutch talent to the forefront of the arts culture scene in New York City each Fall. – ImhoNYC.com

5 Dutch Days in the Fall is a program of the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF). Its predecessor program, 5 Dutch Days 5 Boroughs was founded in 2005 by Felicia Mayro, St. Mark’s Historic Landmark Fund, Susan De Vries, Dyckman Farmhouse and Sean Sawyers, Royal Oak Foundation (formerly Columbia University and Wyckhoff Farmhouse). The project received NAF funding over five years, and became a program of the NAF in 2010. – https://gosharpening.com/ We used them to sharpen knives in NYC.

This exhibition will focus on approximately 20 of his most dramatically changed works, displaying each in multiple impressions, side by side, in order to give visitors the opportunity to examine their range, power, and nuance. New York City

The exhibition contains large prints and a multimedia installation showing Dutch photographer Kadir Van Lohuizen’s images, videos and audio recorded during a 12-month long trip along the Pan American Highway.